can you make puff pastry with margarine

Look for a recipe specially made using that type of fat. The reason why chouquettes may seem crisp is because of the sugar pearls on top. Can you make pastry vegan? Open-Faced Brie and Jam Puff Pastry Bites. To use puff pastry you need it to be cold. When you're ready to use it, thaw the dough if frozen. Reply. The most popular vegan store bought vegan puff pastry is Pepperidge Farm. And while you can make your own puff pastry; it may be easier to buy it from the store. Sure! Add message | Report | See all. 0. Culinary historians believe that the original recipe may have come from Muslim Spain sometime before the 1700s. Saying this, I do appreciate that super cold and hard pastry can be a little difficult to roll out so try taking it out the fridge 5 to 10 minutes before using it. Mostly, the dough is rolled out and pressed into thin sheets. Forum Member. It is not something that can be done so quickly, even if you have taken formal training in cooking. Yes! It also contains hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oil margarine. It does, however, give a nice crispy crust. by Marcus Bean. Traditional puff pastry dough is made by encasing a slab of butter in a basic dough made with flour, water, butter and salt. You could use our vegan pastry recipe here, omitting the icing sugar for a savoury pie. So, once you combine the salt and all-purpose flour into a bowl, and you cut the butter into ⅓-inch cubes (and place it into a separate bowl), chill the bowl of flour and salt, and the bowl of butter in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. Can margarine be used instead of butter? Butter melts at a temperature a few degrees lower than body temperature. This vegan puff pastry recipe uses coconut oil instead of butter, so it still gets very flaky and delicious, without having to keep vegan butter around. Puff pastry is one of those items you're better off buying pre-made than making from scratch. Easier to make than flaky pastry or puff pastry but has larger flakes and is not as light. I suppose a Vega could answer this question but can you make rough puff pastry with a product other than butter e.g. Only butter tastes like butter. Sun Puff 42 is a pastry margarine, specially formulated to produce a tough plastic-like margarine with high melting point. Usually the best pastry has lard in it as well. You can use both the white and green part of the green onion, however the white part should be chopped a little finer than the green part. Update: Should have said I'm not a Vegan. Typically, the folks at the puff pastry factory make better products because they use machines. All you need to make puff pastry scallion cakes are green onions, puff pastry, and salt. Is there a Vegan substitute? Margarine which comes in a tub is intended to be spreadable at refrigerator temperature and has a low melting point, and should not be used for puff pastry or for baking in general. But if you want a really buttery flavour, try making your own rough puff. Rough Puff Pastry With Margarine? If you're making it ahead, you can freeze it at this point. Then the block is rolled and folded at least 4 times, chilling for 30 minutes between each fold. hard margarine. LovedayMerryweather Fri 05-Apr-13 17:20:38. Can you freeze pastry? Getting puff pastry warm will melt the buttery layers that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Stork is probably the best known to older cooks as a replacement for butter and hard baking Stork does work fairly well in pastry. Choose one with zero trans fats or that is non-hydrogenated, and do not use tub margarine due to its higher water content. While butter is no doubt the best to use, you can make puff pastry with hard margarine, not the spreadable kind that comes in a tub. When making this quick puff pastry / rough puff pastry (and any puff pastry- for that matter), you want to make sure that everything is cold. Save this Shortcrust pastry with soft margarine recipe and more from Margaret Fulton's Encyclopedia of Food & Cookery: The Complete Kitchen Companion from A to Z to your own online collection at Puff pastry is a light flaky pastry made from thin sheets of dough that are baked with layers of butter that melt as it's cooked, leaving airy pockets in the pastry. Sure, shop-bought puff pastry is fine most of the time. A friend has a bakery and he uses margarine in his croissant dough and butter in his puff pastry. It’s not the nature of choux pastry to remain crisp for hours / days. Aberdonian Posts: 473. Add 1 cup of flour (125 grams) and 1/4 teaspoon of fine sea salt to your bowl. Many thanks. The sheets are then rolled together with alternating layers of butter. Based on the classic French method of making puff pastry, but is assembled inverted, or “inside out”. Margarine is pure fat so might not work. Uses include sweet and savoury pies, patties, turnovers and as an alternative pastry for sausage rolls. Shortening melts a few degrees higher than body temperature. Can you make puff pastry without butter? Chop the green onion as finely as you have the patience for. You can make it with vegan butter as well. Choux pastry gets soft after a few hours. Homemade pastry freezes well, wrapped in clingfilm for 1 month. Vegan pastry can be made with vegan margarine instead of butter. The best thing to use (assuming you can't use butter) is shortening, such as Crisco. gluten free flour does not make good pastry ,gluten gives elastic to the dough ,i dont think pastry can ever be "healthy "but you have to use the right fat to flour ratio for any baked item .try using butter and making puff pastry ,fiddly but worth it . You can make excellent pastry with margarine. Margarine can be used to replace butter and there are several “hard” block vegetable fats/white margarine that can be used in place of lard. 1. You can bake choux pastry longer, so that it will dry out a tad more, which can make the pastry crisp. To make simple and pretty Brie and jam bites, start by rolling out your puff pastry to 1/2" thickness. Puff pastry contains so few ingredients (flour, butter, water, salt), so if you're going to the trouble to make it yourself, you should use the absolute best ingredients you can find. Since margarine and whole butter will have a different liquid content anyway, don't interchange one for the other. That said, I've read that you can make shortcrust type pastry with oil only. Further, butter can be beaten into thin blocks (which are folded into the pastry dough). It is formulated using prime-quality vegetable oils and their fractions that are considered GMO free. While it's similar to the Middler Eastern phyllo, the recipe for puffed pastry was perfected in France. It contains no animal fats. Margarine which comes in sticks will have a higher melting point and is better. Yes you can - mix with milk instead of water and it will still taste good. If you've made it before how does it turn out? My reason for asking was two fold. You can also use ready-made vegan pastry, widely available in supermarkets. For the record I did find President's Choice Butter Puff Pastry; however it is not made 100% with butter. I do know it isn't all that hard to make puff pastry. joepastry says: 01/19/13 at 9:42 pm He says the margarine makes for a softer dough more suited to crossants while the butter makes a “crisper” dough better suited to uff pastry. For an awesome vegan puff pastry … Roll the puff pastry out to your desired thickness and get creative! Stir gently. Kevin. Add the 10 tablespoons (5 ounces) of COLD butter chopped into pieces, and then begin to work the butter into the flour mixture using a pastry blender, two forks, or your fingertips. Margarine is usually spreadable and not mouldable, so it might be tricky to achieve the 'puff' texture. Making Puff Pastry From Pie Crust From Scratch Is Certainly Not A Good Idea: If you want to make your puff pastry, then you will take a lot of your time, and you will also need a lot of labor. This vegan puff pastry recipe is perfect for making that satisfyingly flaky treat in much less time. Vegan puff pastry will call for vegan margarine.

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